"I am a Trauma Therapist who treats First Responders/Military with PTSD and I have American Indian heritage. This is important to me. Many thanks for this opportunity and I wish you Godspeed in your efforts."

-Bonnie C. Rumilly, A Greater Me, LLC

"I would love to see a Native American Veteran’s Monument at RI Memorial Cemetery especially since my Dad, Brothers and many other family members (Men & Women) will be honored this way."

-Lorraine Keyes

"Important cause"

-Victoria Bezoenik

"In honor of my Brother William I. Jennings, Uncle Warren Boyd Jr., Cousin Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson & My Pocasset Pokanoket, Montauk-Shinnecock, Narragansett and Pequot Veteran family members."

-David Grey Owl Jennings

"It's a great cause and it’s about time the Indigenous are recognized. "

-Carol Stedman

"Long overdue honor for these veterans."

-Cynthia Toti

"Truth-telling of Indigenous experiences through monuments, textbooks, and storytelling removes the possibility of more paper genocide and white-facing narratives where Indigenous Peoples are often ignored or erased."

-Jacklyn Janeksela

"There needs to be a monument to honor the indigenous servicemen/women who have served this country honorably."

-Kyle Doran

"This is our tribe! And our clan symbol! "

-Veronica Horal

"This is such an important memorial! Thank you for fundraising for it!"

-Colleen Crotteau

"Because we have to support our own people and I have family in the cause"

-Toni Weeden

"Doing this on behalf of my son Josh: ‘It is important for people around me to know about Indigenous People. They were here before anyone else and lived through the wars.’"

-Elena Koulidobrova and Josh Santana Gonzalez

"Honoring our Native Heroes "

-Pearl Brown

"I am indigenous and a veteran."

-Ramona Mcneal

"Beautiful Tshirt design and an important project to honor Indigenous veterans!"

-Matthew Castaldi

"This is such an important memorial! Thank you for fundraising for it!"

-Colleen Crotteau

"This monument will be in the cemetery where my father is buried. It will be a beautiful memorial for him and others from our tribal communities to be honored for their service."

-Silvermoon LaRose

"To honor indigenous veterans."

-Dan Johnsen

"It’s time!"

-Mishki Thompson

"To recognize the contribution of Native Americans who live on the land currently known as Rhode Island."

-Michael G Henry


"songs gone

after centuries



looking to find

right words

for sorrow

Cecelia Estrada Vaughan

Chahta ohoyo"

-Cecelia E. Vaughan