Help us make this project a reality. This monument will honor all Indigenous Veterans within the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery. We plan to utilize local Native American masons to create the arch and plinth (base) that surrounds the engraved stone marker. The goal is to include all represented tribal nations reflecting the veterans as well as include veterans' names on the pavers.

Be part of history and honor Indigenous Veterans of Turtle Island!


"I would love to see a Native American Veteran’s Monument at RI Memorial Cemetery especially since my Dad, Brothers and many other family members (Men & Women) will be honored this way."

-Lorraine Keyes

"Important cause"

-Victoria Bezoenik

"In honor of my Brother William I. Jennings, Uncle Warren Boyd Jr., Cousin Daryl Black Eagle Jamieson & My Pocasset Pokanoket, Montauk-Shinnecock, Narragansett and Pequot Veteran family members."

-David Grey Owl Jennings

"It's a great cause and it’s about time the Indigenous are recognized. "

-Carol Stedman

"It’s time!"

-Mishki Thompson

"Long overdue honor for these veterans."

-Cynthia Toti