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Tomaquag Museum

C/O Indigenous Vets

390 A Summit Road

Exeter, RI 02822

Dear Friend,


Join us by supporting the creation of a Native American Veteran’s Monument at the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island. This project is led by the Honoring Indigenous Veterans Committee and is a project of the Tomaquag Museum’s Indigenous Empowerment Network. Tomaquag Museum, a 2016 Institute of Museum & Library Services National Medal winner, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a GuideStar platinum rating, and ensures fiscal responsibility and transparency. Our goal is $80,000 which includes an addition of benches.


We created a committee named Honoring Indigenous Veterans of Turtle Island which includes Indigenous veterans, educators, artists, advocates and allies who are committed to the integrity of this project to ensure Indigenous Veterans are honored.“We are requesting donations for an intertribal Native American monument. Our goal is $80,000. It will be located at the Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery, in Exeter, Rhode Island. Its purpose is to honor Native American Military Warriors, men and woman, who fought for our freedom in the wars for the United States of America.

“My father served in the United States Navy and also is buried in the R.I Veterans Cemetery where I am employed as a Cemetery Specialist. My father fought in three wars including: World War II, the Korean War, and in the Vietnam War. Presently, there is no monument to recognize or acknowledge or honor my father nor any other Native American veterans”.  

Charles B. Smith Jr., "Snow Bear", Seaconke Wampanoag, Co-Chair 

Purpose of Request: To build a Native American Monument honoring all Indigenous Warriors within the US Armed Services within the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery. We intend to honor those who served-past, present and future.

All proceeds will support the creation of the monument. 

Kutaputush! Thank you for your support!

Lorén Spears, Narragansett Citizen

Co-Chair on behalf of the Honoring Indigenous Vets committee

Kutaputush, Thank you to all who have supported the t-shirt sales, raffle sales, donated and sponsored so far! We are currently at $78,000! We are hoping to raise a total of $80,000 for the monument and additional benches. Only $2,000 to go!

Kutaputush, Aquené kah Noonantam- Thanks, Peace & Blessing!